World brand has become a large scale in the industry, all varieties. The marketing service network is wideForging equipment manufacturer,To build the core competitiveness of China's equipment and provide high-quality working machines for the world's manufacturing industry

World Precise Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.

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World Precise Machinery

A machinery manufacturing enterprise committed to creating an industry benchmark

Since its establishment in 1953, the company has specialized in the research and development and manufacturing of metal forming forging equipment such as mechanical presses, CNC punching, shearing machines, bending machines, hydraulic presses, etc.: in 2004, it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification; In 98 years, the smooth restructuring, relying on the flexible mechanism and modern management of the enterprise, through the efforts of Wode people for more than ten years, the output value and sales increased by nearly 200 times; Successfully listed on the main board of Singapore in 2006; In 2007, it passed ISO14001 environmental system certification and ISO18001 occupational health system certification; And has successively won the "Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certification Certificate", "Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise Certification Certificate", "Standardization Good Behavior Certificate", "Jiangsu Famous Trademark", "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product Certificate", "Jiangsu Top 100 Private Enterprises in Paying Taxes", "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center" and other honors, and has been rated as "China's Industrial Industry Vanguard Enterprise" for five consecutive years.

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World Precise Machinery Products cover more than 20 series of more than 200 varieties of large, medium and small presses, ordinary CNC shearing machines, ordinary CNC bending machines, full CNC bending machines, various specifications of hydraulic presses, etc. are widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, communications, computers and other fields.

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Strive to develop new technologies, new processes, new products,
Contribute more advanced and reliable forging equipment to the manufacturing industry

  • The company headquarters has a press technology research center, CNC sheet metal technology research center, heavy machine tool technology research center, through the expansion of cooperation and production and research cooperation with the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and other professional companies and more than ten domestic universities, research institutes and production and research cooperation, rapid development and improvement of CNC forging equipment and other high-tech products. Strong scientific research strength, and was awarded the provincial enterprise technology center.

  • The company's main production equipment is more than 1000 sets, including Japan Hitachi Seiki pentahedral machining center, 12m CNC guide rail grinder, Italy PAMA boring and milling machining center, German gear hobbing machine, German CNC single-arm milling machine, British gear planing machine, Russian floor boring and milling machine, Qi er floor boring and milling machine and other large high-end key equipment nearly 150 sets, while the maximum driving lifting capacity increased to 160 tons.

World Precise Machinery,Reliability matters

Build the core competitiveness of Chinese equipment

Advanced science and technology, strong manufacturing force, unique tooling, exquisite technology, sophisticated production machine, This ensures the reliability and preciousness of Wode Seiki products.

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The heavy snow has arrived, and all things are hidden in winter until spring arrives. "Wo" wishes everyone all the good things come as scheduled!

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